Additional Services

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    Referral Services

    Veterinary Specialist Referrals Certain conditions may require the expertise and knowledge of a veterinary specialist. To become a specialist, veterinarians must do several years of specialized training at a teaching…

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    For your convenience, we offer an in-house pharmacy so we can meet all your pet’s needs. We provide medications, flea and tick control products, and heartworm preventives—all at competitive prices….

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    Nutritional Counseling

    Nutrition plays an important role in your pet’s health. A good diet will give your pet the advantage he or she needs to live a long and healty life. It…

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    Health Care Library

    Has your pet been diagnosed with a condition that you are unfamiliar with? Search the Pet Health section of our website for accurate and reliable information on this condition. There…

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    Grief Counseling

    The loss of a pet can be a tragic event. The emotions we have as a result of this loss are real, justifiable and nothing to be ashamed of. Our…

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    Chemotherapy & Cancer Treatment

    Cancer is a tragic and heartbreaking event for many pet owners. It often means making some very difficult decisions. However not all types of cancer are terminal. We are fortunate…

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    Adoption Services

    From time to time we receive stray kittens that we examine, vaccinate, deworm and then put up for adoption. They live right in the waiting room until they can find…

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    Behavioural Counseling

    We offer individualized dog and cat behavioural counseling on a variety of issues including aggressive behaviour and inappropriate elimination. We can also refer you to a behaviour specialist if necesary….

  • Chemotherapy and Cancer Treatment

    Like us, animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits can get cancer. Fortunately, however, some forms of cancer are curable. In addition, recent advancements in cancer treatment can extend…