Neutering in Cats

General Information

Castration (neutering) is the surgical removal of the testicles. When a cat is castrated before sexual maturity (6 to 8 months of age), the sexual characteristics fail to develop and the cat is sterile (unable to impregnate a female). Sexually-driven behavior, such as roaming, fighting, and urine spraying, is either eliminated or markedly reduced. Neutered males may still enjoy hunting such things as mice, chipmunks, birds, and crickets. Neutering also reduces the strong urine odor associated with male cats.

Surgical Procedure

Your pet will be given a preoperative physical examination to help ensure his safety during anesthesia and surgery. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. Two small incisions are made in the scrotum and the testicles are removed. Sutures are not required as the incisions are quite small and heal very quickly. Recovery is generally uneventful and the hospital stay is short. Your pet will be able to go home later the same day.

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